Alt symbol codes

alt symbol codes

ALT codes are keyboard shortcuts for quickly inserting non- ASCII special characters and symbols that are not included on normal computer keyboard characters and keyboard symbols in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint.

These keyboard shortcuts are called ALT codes because one needs to press and hold the ALT Alternate key while typing a sequence of numbers on the numeric keypad to insert a special character or symbol. Using ALT codes are useful when one predominantly types in English but occasionally need to quickly insert accented Latin letters, punctuation marks, mathematical symbols, currency symbols and other graphical and letter-like symbols.

Later on, when Microsoft introduced their new proprietary character sets in Windows, such as Windows Code Page and later Unicode, many users had grown accustomed to Code Pageand memorized the decimal codes for it, that Microsoft chose to retain it and their decimal codes. Microsoft added the ability to enter special characters and symbols from their new proprietary character set, Windows Code Pageby typing a leading 0 zero before their corresponding decimal codes 0, 0 1- 0 Microsoft anticipated that the draft would be an ANSI standard and implemented it before the draft was finalized, however that draft forked and became the ISO standard instead and is not exactly the same as Windows Code page that Microsoft implemented.

In Windows programs and applications, ALT codes starting at and above produce the same characters whether they have leading zeroes or not. ALT 0. Control character - null NUL. ALT 1. White smiling face, smiley face. ALT Control character - start of heading SOH. ALT 2. Black smiling face. Control character - start of text STX. ALT 3. Black heart suit. Control character - end of text ETX. ALT 4.

Black diamond suit. Control character - end of transmission EOT. ALT 5. Black club suit. Control character - enquiry ENG. ALT 6. Black spade suit. Control character - acknowledge ACK. ALT 7. Control character - bell BEL. ALT 8.

ALT Key Shortcuts to Insert Symbols in Windows

Inverse bullet.If you are already familiar with using alt codes, simply select the alt code category you need from the table below. If you need help using alt codes find and note down the alt code you need then visit our instructions for using alt codes page.

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Fabulous Code Chart for Numbers, Math & Currency (ALT, HTML, and ASCII Codes)

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ALT Codes for Math Symbols: Vulgar Fractions

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Useful Shortcuts.Microsoft Word, like all text-based programs, uses a numeric character code called ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange for each alphabetic, numeric, and special character on your keyboard. This code is the reason we can use open text files in almost any software program, and the reason why some programs' passwords are case-sensitive e.

The Symbols Library is the most common and familiar method for inserting non-keyboard characters into a document. The process is simple:. Word remembers the last 20 symbols you inserted and places them in the dialog window sort of like a symbol speed-dial. For occasional usage, this is a nice feature. But what if you use the copyright and trademark symbols 25 to 30 times in a single document?

Two I've visited are ascii-code. Remember to press and hold the Alt key and enter a 0 zero before each code; for example: if the chart shows as the copyright symbol, you must enter that is, from 0 through Somewhere around the decimal codethe preceding zero is no longer necessary. You can test this yourself by entering both versions of these numbers. In addition to the keyboard characters, you'll find decimal codes for Greek and Latin letters, accent letters, pronunciation symbols over the alphabet, and mathematical symbols, such as the division and square root operators, the accent grave and circumflex symbols, plus worldwide currency symbols, and more.

But the coolest of all are the graphics and icon symbols. There are hundreds of Alt symbols. Start with 1, and try some random numbers through 10, Notice that many of the 9,level symbols are repeats of the original set 1 thru See the charts above and below for several dozen interesting and useful symbols to decorate your documents and emails.

The most commonly shared keys are the 7, 8, 9, u, i, j, k, l, and m keys. And last, if all else fails, press down the Fn button and hold, then press and hold the Alt key, then enter the number and release all three keys simultaneously.

At this point, it would be easier to use the menus. For example, Fonts advertises that it has Dingbat fonts in its library, which include categories such as Holiday, Flowers, Animals, Retro, Religious, Romantic, plus dozens more. Downloading these fonts is a breeze: Just browse through the collection, choose a symbol font, and click the Download button. Choose Save File and click OK. Browse to Downloads and click Save. Unzip or Extract the file back to the Downloads folder, or you can extract directly to the Windows Font folder.

Test your new symbol font. Notice the character code at the bottom right side of the screen. Tips: If you require a lot of mathematical symbols such as fractions, square roots, etc.

JD Sartain is a technology journalist from Boston. Setting up a local user account in Windows 10 Setting up a local user account in How to make a Windows 10 recovery drive How to make a Windows 10 recovery Pressing the Alt key and a number code gives you access to hundreds of special characters from currency to copyright symbols, to linguistic characters and tiny graphics like snowmen and smiley faces. Here's how they work.The software running on the PC would interpret this as a key being pressed on the keyboard and would attempt to display the character corresponding to the numeric code you typed.

The numeric codes and characters or glyphs were stored in a table called a Code Page. CP was the default for some countries, including the USA. CP and CP both contained characters, with the first being the same. Beyond that the characters differ. When Windows came along the use of these ALT codes was so widespread that Microsoft decided to continue support for them in their software.

Windows began using a different code page, CP which varied a little from CP and CP, but still only had characters.

alt symbol codes

In the Unicode Consortium was created to standardize the encoding, representation and handling of characters and symbols in all major operating systems and software. Excel also has support for the newer CP code page used by Windows. Once you get to characters beyond that you can encounter some differences. I've prepared a workbook with the numeric codes and corresponding characters for CP and CP, codes 1 to The workbook also has sheets with codes for some currency symbols, superscript and subscripts characters and the Greek alphabet.

Download the Excel Workbook. Note: This is a. This allows you to find the numeric codes for characters and symbols. Note the leading 0. If you click on a character in CharMap you can click on the Select button or double click with your mouse and then on the Copy button, to copy the character into your clipboard.

As Unicode supports so many characters, and much of the Unicode documentation shows character codes in hexadecimal, rather than using decimal we must enter the Unicode character codes in hex. For other Office programs e. The registry controls how your Windows PC operates and if you get it badly wrong, you can even prevent Windows from starting.

However as I'm sure you are pretty switched on, and the change that is needed is very minor, the risk of turning your PC into a large paperweight is low. That said, don't mess it up. You have been warned. You need to run the Registry Editor, which in Windows 10 is Regedit.

In other versions of Windows you may also have RegEdt This creates a new entry on the right hand side of the Registry Editor window with the default name New Value 1. Just type over this and rename it EnableHexNumpad.

If you accidentally clicked off the new entry, or mistyped the name, just right click on it and choose Rename to rename it. Next you have to give the entry a value.As you may already know, you can type extra characters from the Unicode standard which are not present on the keyboard.

Almost all apps today support special characters which can be entered with the ALT key and some special combination of digits.

alt symbol codes

Using the proper ALT key sequence, you can type the trademark symbol, the degree symbol, the copyright sign, various currency icons and so on.

Here is the list of the most commonly required characters and their ALT codes. For your convenience, I have also saved the table above to a PDF file which you can download and use as your reference.

It is worth mentioning that every modern Windows version comes with a special app, Character Map, or charmap. It provides a convenient user interface when you need to search for or explore Unicode characters in fonts.


There you can find the required symbol visually and copy it to the clipboard to paste it in your app. Winaero greatly relies on your support. You can help the site keep bringing you interesting and useful content and software by using these options:. The new name for Brrrrt currency is Nigel. New ALT code soon. Thanks for the beautifully crafted pdf! I hasten to point out that one can copy a character directly from the pdf, thus avoiding the trip to Character Map.

Your email address will not be published. If you can remember the sequence, you can quickly type the sequence without switching to another app like Character Map. This will save your time and won't interrupt your workflow.

Of course, such a big list cannot be entirely memorized so you might want to bookmark this page in your web browser so you can refer to it later. Support us Winaero greatly relies on your support. Connect with us For your convenience, you can subscribe to Winaero on the following web sites and services. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.This page list codes for accented letters and other characters. In order to use these codes, your computer should have a separate numeric keypad on the right.

If it does not, then another method of inputting accents is recommended. For information on how to type the codes, please read the detailed instructions. This list is focused on Western European languages. See the individual Language pages for additional codes. If you are having problems inputting these codes, please review the instructions for using the codes at the bottom of this Web page.

See the Unicode Math Chart for additional codes for math symbols. Note that they only work in Microsoft Office and that you should use the non-Hex code. Windows assigns a numeric code to different accented letters, other foreign characters and special mathematical symbols. The ALT key input is used to manually insert these letters and symbols by calling the numeric code assigned to them. Page Content For information on how to type the codes, please read the detailed instructions.

Letters with Accents — e. See the Specific Language Page for additional codes for accented characters. Note that codes may only work in Microsoft Office. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.Emojis are graphical representation of symbols and human faces in a colorful text format. Unicode consortium, a non-profit organization defines the technical specification and releases new emojis to help all devices can support these beautiful characters.

The latest version has emojis including wide variety of symbols other than smiley faces or emoticons. Do you know it is very easy to insert these emojis in Microsoft Office documents, emails and chats? Yes, it is simply possible using alt code shortcuts. Below is the table of alt code shortcuts to insert emojis, smileys and emotions.

You can also download these emoji shortcuts in a printable PDF format for offline reference. You can use the alt key shortcuts in the first column of the above table on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any other Office documents. Hold one of the alt keys on your keyboard and press the numbers on your number pad.

Remember these shortcuts will only work on the keyboard with number pad. Below are some of the examples, you can use emoji symbols in Outlook or Skype chat. Instead of typing a long sentence, a single emoji can express your thoughts more clearly. Alt code shortcuts will work only on the keyboards with extended number pad. In this case, you have to use additional keyboard accessory for this purpose which is not convenient and feasible for all of us.

Microsoft has solved this problem in Windows 10 by introducing an emoji keyboard. Choose your favorite symbol and insert in the document. This will also work on messengers like Skype.

Windows will filter the emoji if it is available in the picker. For example, type heart to find all heart related emojis. Similar to Windows 10, macOS also offers a quick emoji keyboard to insert smileys and emotions. You can use this in documents like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You can insert these animojis in Messages app and FaceTime. Similar to iOS, Android smartphones also have a default emoji keyboard for searching and inserting symbols. If you prefer to have the shortcuts in image format, download the emoji shortcuts image.

Right click on the image save to your computer for offline reference.

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