Harley cruise control screw

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Part Number For long-distance runs, there's nothing better than letting your bike do all the work. This Cruise Control Kit puts you just minutes away from true touring bliss.

harley cruise control screw

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Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Live Chat. Select SELECT. Model Model. Installation Instructions. Cruise Control Kit is rated 4. Rated 5 out of 5 by bhharley from Cruise Control This cruise control is easy mod to add to your Harley.

If your hands fall asleep or you do long trips it is a real help. It looks better than the cheesy manual lockouts you can buy. You will need to take your bike in to a dealer to get a software download to enable the cruise control. Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by The1breakout from Must have!

harley cruise control screw

This cruise control is awesome. I love being able to put it in and out of cruise so quick and easy. It's a world a difference from my old throttle lock. What I didn't like is it should come standard and if it's not going to standard it shouldn't need to go to the dealer and cost more then the part just to turn on. I installed it in two hours no problem only to find it didn't work and I had to take it to the dealer to activate it. The install was time consuming since the connectors are on the frame underneath the tank, which had to be slide back.Maybe you have looked at the current abundant throttle lock options or have had experience using them in the past.

Maybe you have considered taking on the expense and time to do a full-blown electronic cruise control installation.

The BrakeAway design offers an option that bridges the gap between other throttle lock devices and electronic cruise control while offering the best features of both. Now you can relieve the pressure from your right hand and your bike just keeps cruising.

The manual release is just as simple and quick, push the release lever on the front of the unit and it instantly clicks off to return you to full throttle function. With the unit engaged, you can adjust your throttle position up or down manually as needed.

This allows us to control the materials and precision of the clamp and slip ring assembly resulting in smooth, and accurate speed adjustments along with long term dependability. There is also a simple adjustment screw to change the amount of friction being applied to the ring. The most important difference from any other throttle lock is our patented mechanical brake release feature. Unexpected situations can happen quickly, and your first natural reaction will usually be to reach for the clutch and brakes.

In an emergency, your reflexes and riding skills will take over. With the BrakeAway, just as with any electronic cruise control, your next reaction will automatically include normal throttle function. We founded our company on the need for this in and still strongly believe that this is a must have feature for any devise being used as a cruise control on any vehicle.

We are constantly updating and improving our product design based on customer feedback and experience. Our goal is to make sure every BrakeAway customer is happy with their choice to purchase the best Mechanical Motorcycle Cruise Control available. Ride Safe, enjoy the journey! Visit our Bike Make and Model selector so you can select the correct cruise control for your motorcycle.

Hello Kim, thanks for your help with this it is great to know that your company will do this for a customer, I know that you do care about your products and the customers safety and am so Glad that I purchased your product back 4 years ago I have helped 4 other friends to get theirs installed on there bikes after showing them how great a product it was that you had and everyone of them enjoy having them on there bikes too, had 2 friends that had it on 1 bike got a new Bike and got it for that one also, if you make other products for motorcycles let me know where I can check them out would be more then happy to see any other products that your company makes and markets, not just to be a nice guy but because I do believe in your BrakeAway Product and how well it works and the craftsmanship is very good also, and if I hear of anymore friends that want a cruise unit I will tell them about your product.

Just wanted to drop you a note and say how pleased I am with my recent purchase. Very pleasant customer service on the order This is "customer service" at its finest!

Cruise Control Kit

Your company is going "above and beyond" and is an example for others to emulate. Just wanted to let you know I put your break away throttle control on my vtx this weekend and was pleased with how easy it was, and how good it works. I read some blogs on the internet and was a little worried about it fitting over my ISO grips and getting it set up, but your instructions and the video I watched on cruiser customizing web site made it very easy to install and set up.

So thanks for a great looking and great working product. I just want to tell you what a beautifully made item it is! Perfectly engineered and of the best quality! It works flawlessly. Thanks for a great American made product. I could not be more pleased. I read the directions and watched a few videos on line and began the job. Using the liquid soap on the grips made that part of the process very easy. The rest of the project was very straight forward.

When I took it out for a ride to test it out - I was very satisfied with the product. It works great. I was and still am startled at the price, but the quality of the product is second to none.

I have used other devices on her bike but none compare to this. Great product and well thought out design. You may not remember me.Quoting from Harley-Davidson's edition of its parts and accessories catalog regarding its cruise control kits available for all touring models, "For long distance runs, there's nothing better than letting your bike do all the work.

Introduced for 'and-later models, this cruise control kit puts you just minutes away from true touring bliss.


Simply install the new hand controls and module, and you're ready to roll. No splicing into the wiring harness or taking off the tank to install.

Kit includes updated switch housings, module, and all necessary hardware. Our friend "Clean" Dean has a inch Road King with cruise control on it, and he loves to set it at 80 mph through semi-winding mountainous sections of the interstate and then watch the poor bastards behind as they try to stay with him. Another good feature about cruise control surfaces when you have a pesky cop on your ass that's trying to catch you speeding.

It totally eliminates the paranoia associated with trying to maintain an even keel while attempting to pay attention to the road. We enlisted the help of Ron Bartels at Bartels' Harley-Davidson in Marina Del Rey, California, to have his crew install our kit and reveal to our readers a few installation tips that aren't in the shop manual. Oh yeah, one more thing. Every new Road King that rolls off the line in York comes pre-wired with an electrical connector and all of the necessary holes already in place so that all you have to do is hang the cruise control unit in place and go The Cruise Control Kit's components shown here with the supplied installation hardware.

See page in Harley-Davidson's '05 parts and accessories catalog to determine whichpart numbers apply to your bike.

In order to install our Cruise Control Kit, Chris had toremove the seat, left saddlebag, left side cover, andair cleaner assembly. The next step was to disconnect the negativebattery cable and then the positivecable. With this done, he then extracted the batterywith the aid of a hook awl. In the batterybox onthe left side thereare three predrilledholes formounting thecruise control unit. With the mounting holes identified, Chrisattached the cruise cable to the unit andinstalled the three grommets on the studs withsmall diameters outward.

Before carefully curving the cable androuting it up under the fuel tank and overthe top of the motor stabilizer bracket, Chrisunbolted the rear of the gas tank and propped itup as far from the frame as possible. This made it possible to gain easieraccess and ensured the cable could bepositioned past the aforementioned parts andbetween the cylinder heads. Chris then obtained a harness retainer,identified as part number 4from the kit'sincluded hardware and attached it to the crossmemberplate.

Harley Cruise Control

Then he routed the cable throughthe harness retainer. In order to prepare for the next step, heclipped the wire ties holding the mainwiring harness to the frame tube above the module'smounting spot. Next, he removed the fuseblock cover and located the connector plug toconnect the module into. Chris used the three flanged locknuts twopictured included in the kit to mount themodule by tightening them onto the three studson the battery box Withthemodule boltedin place andthe cruisecable routedbetween theheads, Chrisattached thecable to theinductionmodule.

He used a cable tie tosuspend the brake master out of the way. Usinga T25 TORX driver, he removed the switch housingscrews, then removed the friction shoe fromthe tension adjuster screw.

The brass ferrules were then removedfrom the notches on the inboard side ofthe throttle grip. We saved the ferrules for reuse. To remove the gold idle cable insert andthe silver throttle cable from the lowerswitch housing, Chris applied penetrating oil andthen used a rocking motion to pull them off.

Cruise Control

He was now able to remove both cablesfrom the switch housing, then separatethe switch halves.No labor or consequential damage or loss is covered. Replacement parts for softail kits, and other parts. Harley Motorcycle Cruise Control Solutions. Road King. How it works. Products - photos. Idle cables. Our chrome. Indicator lights. Compatibility Issues. Contact us. Return Policy.

Shipping included to 48 states. Not required if your carb is already "cruise compatible". Lengths vary, specific to year and model. Any change in handlebars or riser MAY change the length. Call if NOT stock length. Stainless Braided Idle Cableoriginal stock length for most Softails. Call if NOT stock length. Only for Softails. This takes at least two weeks for Netgoods to get the cable. Platinum Diamondback cruise stepper cable We buy these cables and then have them braided.

With 3 feet of wire, you can stagger your solder splices so as not to have one big bulge where all wires would be spliced.The Cruise Control Kit components are pictured here.

It includes the control module and cable for connecting to the throttle body induction module, replacement left and right handlebar switches, and all the mounting hardware. Derek first rolled the Road King onto a lift. Next, he removed the seat, battery, left saddlebag, and left side cover. The battery was completely removed because the control module mounts to three holes on the left side of the battery box just above the fuse box. Next, Derek prepared to install the module by connecting the pre-wired, place plug.

Note the rubber grommets for vibration isolation. This is the control module installed and all the parts back in place. It looks like it belongs there. Derek then routed the control cable to the induction module. It's not mentioned in the instructions, but Derek says this task is easier with the gas tank lifted, so he removed the rear hold down screw.

The control cable red arrow runs along the frame under the gas tank, then down between the cylinders to the throttle. Note that Derek placed a plastic hammer under the tank to hold it out of the way. It's close quarters between the cylinders to mount the cable in its bracket and install the retaining Jesus clip.

Derek was patient and used an extra long set of needle nose pliers. Derek got the retainer clip red arrow on with no hassle.

We hope you never have to mess with it again. The electrical connectors for the handlebar controls are located in the headlight nacelle. Derek had previously removed the nacelle to install other parts.

You'll have to at least remove the headlight and open the nacelle to access the plugs. The black connectors are for the right side and the grey connectors are for the left.

harley cruise control screw

Derek finished installing the new right side handlebar control. To finish up, Derek installed the new left side handlebar controls and re-installed the seat, battery, saddlebag, and cover. He also adjusted the cruise cable using the Cable Lash Initialization procedure in the shop Service Manual. Now we're ready to put on some miles without ravaging our wrist. For iron-butt rides, we like a gel cushion to relieve the pain in our butt and cruise control to ease the cramp in our throttle arm.

Getting soft in our advanced age? Nevertheless, we believe the only ache you should feel while riding is the heartache when you have to stop. Harley-Davidson makes it easy to add cruise control to its and later Road Kings, since each one is pre-wired and pre-configured for it. The operating instructions are already included in the Touring Models Owner's Manual.

Installation is straightforward but tedious due to the need to remove several parts and to fit a very tight retainer clip, which the shop mechanics affectionately call "the Jesus clip," claiming it's the hardest clip on the bike.

This article covers the complete install but focuses on the cruise control components. For example, replacing handlebar controls is standard and entirely explained in the instructions. After Derek finished, we headed to the nearest highway for a test run.

Operation is simple-it's just like the controls in your four-wheel cage. Turn on the system, cruise up to the desired speed, and press Set.Standard shipments may be delayed by a day but they will be processed. Ride safe and stay healthy!

harley cruise control screw

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How to Use Cruise Control on a Harley Davidson

Used Twin Cam Cylinders. Oxygen Sensor Items. Air Cleaner Inserts. Saddlebag Supports. Luggage Rack Replacement Parts. Driver Backrests.Standard shipments may be delayed by a day but they will be processed. Ride safe and stay healthy! EZ Cruise Parts. H-D Cruise Control Kits. H-D Cruise Control Parts. Cruise Control Module, Touring Models.

Air Gauges, Temp. Relays Solenoid. Ignition Switches Keys. Engine Oils Oil Filters. Used Twin Cam Cylinders. Oxygen Sensor Items. Air Cleaner Inserts. Saddlebag Supports. Luggage Rack Replacement Parts.

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