Hercai ending

Being the only descendant means, according to traditions, being the only one to continue the lineage, as well. She is committed with eternal love for her family and everyone around her.

His words are orders, his decisions are finale! It is nearly impossible to see him smiling. His decisions and words cannot be questionable, measurable, and indisputable.

hercai ending

In addition to that, the series succeeded to protect its success until the end of the episode:. The site remained quite steady from Before answering the question, better be aware of some information on the series and go a little bit past. The first episode of the series was aired on 15 Marchon Friday. After 12 episodes, the tv series went to the season finale on 31 MayFriday.

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Will Hercai series make a season finale or series finale?

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An Impossible Love Tale of Vengeance: HERCAI

Get help. An impossible love story born out of revenge, Hercai. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

About Us. Popular Category. Whether you are a fan of Turkish TV series or just on the edge of the diving into the world of them, the list Read more. Coronavirus Covid epidemic keeps oppressing the world from the beginning of Meanwhile, debates on social and physical distant keep going, too. One way Editor Picks. And they have recently announced the this year'sIn the center of the story is the fate of a young man named Miran, whose parents died through the fault of a man who became his mortal enemy.

Reyyan falls in love with Miran, but after a while, she becomes aware of his plans. Miran loves Reyyan, but revenge sits too deep in his soul and outweighs feelings for a girl who tragically dies. Miran will remain with remorse of conscience, which will not leave him until the end of his life.

This story was suggested to the readers by the author of the novel. But how this story ends in the series nobody knows.

hercai ending

Script writers have promised the audience surprises. Several large TV companies were fighting for the right to turn the book into a movie, and in the end, this opportunity was received by the ATV channel, which commissioned the production of the film adaptation to the small company, Mia Yapim. Shooting takes place in Mardin in the South East of Turkey. According to the book, he followed her for a whole year.

The only heir of the Aslanbey family. He will fall in love with the daughter of a family, with which they have a long time feud. A sweet, naive girl who listens to absolutely no one but herself. And one day she will also fall in love with the son of a family with whom her family has been in hostility for many years.

His word is an order, his decisions are indisputable. The feeling of revenge is inside the person, it never passes. And mercy is kept in the heart, it always lives in it.

She is the one who vowed to become a sultana, which is her name. In her heart there is no place for anyone except her daughter. Some people not only create a throne for themselves, but do not leave their luck to chance …. Banu Akdeniz. Tags: Hercai. January 16, March 14, March 19, Turkish Series News on April 12, Turkish Series News on April 11, When will the shooting of the series Mr.Sign In. Hercai —. Hide Spoilers. Very interesting and beautiful story! Must watch! It's only 2 episode but it's so cool!

Music is magical! Actors doing a very great job. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. When you see the first episode, you get an overall idea what you're going to see but the upcoming episodes will surprise you to no end.

The level of intensity, the character's performances, the cinematography, the beautiful stone palaces, brilliance. It's surprise me but i'm really in love with this drama.

A very interesting story with lots of touching elements. Script is great, the actors are all great, You can surprise with the feelings you get with unexpected results.

Hercai Episode 38 English Subtitles Full

Surely also you would be shared all the experience of a naive spirit who can feel it very deeply than ordinary people, nevertheless acts more maturely than the most. Don't miss it! Great actors Playing their raoul very impresive way, we are looking forward to watch new episode every week. It is a sad show so far But it is understandable since its a love and revenge story All the emotions are in each scene makes it easier to feel with the characters and not be indifferent with the sadness Hopefully more optimistic and happy episodes come soon.

Captivating modern day fairytale story with a dark twist that leaves you at the edge of your seat with every episode. Oh and did I mention the extremely talented actors and the sizzling chemistry between the main characters. Truly recommend. Extremelly dramatic - what a wonderful love story!! You're hooked from the first episode.TV Schedule. Sign In. Hercai —. Season: 1 2. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Miran Aslanbey, who came to Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, offered Nasuh Sadoglu more than a partnership.

Miran asks Nasuh's grandson Reyyan to be his wife. However, Nasuh, the most powerful family head in the region, has different plans for Miran, which he calls a very good fortune.

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He's going to give her a grandchild, but not what he wanted. Nasuh is unaware of Miran's plans. While the decision to be given between the two men is expected curiously, the news will deeply affect the lives of Reyyan and Yaren. S1, Ep2. Miran's revenge plan, which he prepared during his life, is about to reach the end. But the surprises of life are waiting for him at the door.

He was raised by feeding a grudge and hatred towards the Sadoglu family. As he spends time with Reyyan, he begins to feel different emotions. Azize Aslanbey, who is aware of everything, has different plans against this situation. Azat, who cannot stand any more than all of this, does his best to make Reyyan stop. Azat, who is willing to stand against the world in order to prevent any damage to Reyyan's hair, causes a great S1, Ep3.

The marriage, which was built with the fire of revenge between Miran and Reyyan, ended as planned by the Aslanbey family. Miran left Reyyan the next day. Unable to bear the pain, Reyyan burned the hut in which she spent her first night with Miran. Miran goes to his mother's grave to let his news of vengeance.

Miran who heard the news of the burning hut from Firat, will he leave Reyyan, who is not guilty in this war of revenge? S1, Ep4. The mansions of Sadoglu and Aslanbey are on a thorn. The news that Reyyan and Miran jumped into the river shakes all of Mardin people.

Now everyone wonders if Miran and Reyyan are dead. Hazar is determined to find Reyyan. Miran, who jumped into the river from behind Reyyan without blinking, manages to save Reyyan.

Now it's time to find a secluded and safe place where the two can stay together. Miran's only request is to protect Reyyan. But there is something that he does not know; Reyyan does not want to stay in the same house nor to see Miran's face after all these S1, Ep5.Already in the third week of the broadcast, series was watched by 11 million viewers in the prime-time.

The repetitions ratings also stood out: each replay attracted million viewers, that is also a record figure for Turkish television before it, only the one series showed such figures — Sen Anlat Karadeniz. The number of subscribers of the series on the YouTube channel is already thousand, and the first episode of the series on YouTube was watched by 13 million viewers.

Given the huge success of the project, ATV decided to renew the show for the second season. The first season of Hercai will end on the 12th episode on May 31 on Friday. The second season starts on September 20, also on Friday. We can only guess what surprise the creators of the series will give to the audience in the season finale in order to keep the interest.

Tags: Hercai. March 31, March 26, May 2, Turkish Series News on April 12, Turkish Series News on April 11, When will the shooting of the series Mr. Wrong begin? Turkish filmmaking on the verge of collapse.

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Turkish series Hercai (2019)

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hercai ending

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hercai ending

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